Thursday, December 11, 2008

The [SiC]_ness in me

These are among the things I've done in my life that some people wouldn't understand the logic for why someone would undertake such actions. My reason is simple, why I do these things are for my own pleasure. I love the adrenaline which comes with doing such actions. I love to see the reactions I receive from people for doing those actions. And perhaps because I'm not the most sane and stable person on this planet. But truth be told, I believe none on this planet fits the description of sane or stable. Everyone must have their own craziness and instability. So, this is mine.

These things doesn't come without a price. This is an example of what I have to pay:

This one was when I got burned. The video just above. The one thing harder than having to endure this pain is to keep it a secret from my parents. Haha. They didn't even knew I have this injury during that time.
Burned scar
Owh, and 1 more thing, just to clarify here, what's written on my arm (the scar on my right arm) it spells [SiC] (with opened and closed brackets). It doesn't spell CSI, it doesn't spell SIGS ( Sultan Ibrahim Girls Why would I even consider writing this???)

If you'd like to see more of my videos, feel free to watch it on youtube. Just follow the address below:


iktab said...

Weh.. Gile rindu same kau! Hahaha.. Ko memang moja..

-mujahid- said...

Haha..aku rindukan kau jua..entah bila lagi akan kita bersua..haha..

iktab said...

x pe nsnti contek2 ar balik Malayasia.. Tahun depan insyallah..

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