Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rock the World 8

20th December 2008, [SiC]_CREW went to Rock the World 8. I didn't really want to go in the first place. Since I Haven't received my gaji yet. I had nothing in my wallet except for my IC, licence and matric card. But, this time, I got to feel how it feels to be like Baby. Haha. Faressa sponsored me for this trip...but I have to pay him back. Haha. Bullshit.

The day started with me getting a call from Acai at 11.30 am. I was still sleeping during that time. 11.30 is still too early for me. Actually it was still too early for any of us. But somehow Acai woke up earlier than any of us. Then i got a call from Faressa asking weather I wanted to go or not. I said no. But eventually he came to my house. Haha (degil gile). Anyways, I told him I was gonna try to ask some money from my mom, but I failed. So, again, I said I couldn't go. But he insisted and said he would sponsor me with the condition that i'll pay him back. Haha. (sbnrnye aku xmintak pn duet..mak aku ade aku ckp Faressa nk sponsor..haha..).

So, finally I got in the car and went with him. We made a stop at Acai's house first. Then we went to meet the others, Faris and Cagu. Cagu was once Acai's kuli during school time, but now, he's even got the nerves to touch me. (Isk3, xsedaq diri pnye Acai kate die skrang da naek pangkat jd employee..ok la..acceptable..). Haha. Once upon a time, cenggini la kitorg. Ade kuli, pengikut, peminat. Haha. But that was in the olden days - in the glory days.

Anyways, back to our main story, then we went to get Arbi at his house in Stapak. After we got him, we went on our way to Stadium Merdeka. But on our way, traffic was like shit. During our time along the way, Arbi was even able to go to the bank. And I was able to buy pisang goreng. All while the car was on the road, stuck in traffic. Haha. I even had time to take pictures of our car in the jam, smoked outside the car. Haha.

Owh, I forgot to mention, we went with 2 cars. Faressa's and Faris's. We were in Faressa's car, none of us in the car knew where to go, so we just followed Faris. But on the way, we lost them. Haha. We called them to ask them where they went. But we agreed to just meet them at the stadium. And then, just before the end of the conversation, they said that they were lost too. Haha. Demmit. So, in the end, we went our way and met up with them at the stadium.

The concert was held at the Secret Gardens next to Stadium Merdeka. The place was quite 'secret'full. But it wasn't quite a garden. More like a construction site, or a car park (name nk glamer je). We reached there around 3.00 pm and got in around 3.30 pm. I met up with some friends of mine there. Friends from from Utp, from my old school, and even my cousin. Haha. What a small world it is. The band performing when we came was the Republic of Brickfields (Awal2 cenggitu layan reggae dlu..nk dpt mood..). Once we got the momentum, mule la g ddk kat tmpt org ramai sharing peluh. Haha. By midnight, bau badan seko2 da mcm palat. Haha. And of course, you can't go to a gig without coming back with nothing broken. Faressa broke his glasses that night, and I broke my handphone. Haha. Bullshit.


That night, during One Buck Short's performance, Arbi got the opportunity to raba a girls ass. Fakiu Arbi! Haha. The girl was right in front of me. I'm not pissed because he got to grab her ass, but I'm pissed because he was grabbing my dick as well. Fakiu! Haha.
p/s: If by chance the girl mentioned is reading this, I apologize for my friend's action. I know how you feel, as I was a victim as well.

After the show, we went to Kg. Baru to eat (lapaq gile..n ketagih okok..somehow kat dlm RTW xde sorg pn yg jual!? RTW kot?!?..). Finally we went home around 2.00 am. The next day (arinih), I don't know about the others, but my neck, my shoulders, and my back hurts like hell.

p/s: Gambaq2 sume kemudian la aku ltak. Henset aku xle nk masukkn gmbr ke dlm komputer aku lak skrang. Cibai...


Arbi Rozlan said...

kau pendusta anjing haram
the true story is...
actually when one buck short performing...
mujahid grabbeb the gal ass while playing with his dick....
u so fucking whip man...

papepon kitorg sgt enjoy pada malam itu walaupun masing2 lapaq okokoko

-mujahid- said...

FAKIU BIIITTCCCHHH!!!! hahaha..aku mmg tgh peluk dia spanjang lagu tu..ko kacau SIIIAAALLLL!!!! tu la..MAIN LG KONEK AKU!!!

Arbi Rozlan said...

dasar hanjingg
ohh ko seronok mlm tu xjak
weyy blog ni perlu diupdate
ape next activities

-mujahid- said...

hahaha..aku suro amer ajak kao sbb amer pn da reject offer aku..aku assume kao pn reject gak time bro..masih ade mase..kite kan [SiC]..we always stick together..haha..

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